Meet the Shens

Along the Road to Hana in Hawaii


We are high school sweethearts and got married shortly after graduating from college. We held corporate office jobs in Silicon Valley for 5-6 years before we decided to leave and do our own thing! Currently, we are traveling around the world. Come join us on our ShenVenture and follow us along virtually for the ride!

Jerry is a software engineer who spent over five years working in the defense industry. After hearing about other developers make a good income writing iPhone apps, he finally decided to try it out himself. In May 2010, he released his first app. A few months later, his iphone app revenues began to surpass his salary, igniting his desire to escape the corporate world. In December 2010, he took the plunge and quit his job to become a full time independent iphone developer. In addition to creating cool apps, Jerry enjoys basketball, video games, playing with his dog, and hanging out with his two brothers.

Adrienne loves new experiences. She loves trying different foods and learning about other cultures. She worked in business administration with a surprising love of spreadsheets, research, process and procedures. Yet, she also loves change and spontaneity. With Shenventure, she gets the best of both worlds. She prepares the travel itinerary and plans the details necessary for the round-the-world trip, yet embraces the surprises that come with a nomadic lifestyle. To help them remember this amazing journey, Adrienne documents their Shenventure through blogging, video, and photography.